Hi, Ich bin Tanja!

Ich freue mich, dass du hier bist! Ich schreibe hier über das Leben und teile meine Gedanken und Insights meiner ganz eigenen Reise als Coach, Sportlerin und Reisende, die ihre Heimat verlassen hat. Das ist kein Reiseblog, aber ich lade dich ein, mit mir auf eine ganz persönliche Reise zu gehen. Viel Spaß dabei!

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CONNECTED ::: as always i did my daily morning beachwalk to the montaña roja and back for sunrise meditation. since i started that morningroutine i found out to meet the same people chasing that special vibes in the early morning. one of them is an older canarian man who always already comes back, when i´m heading to the mountain. first time i met him, he was looking not that friendly, even more grumpy when he came across. so i started to say buenos días, gently smile at him and obviously confusing him that way. so we met everyday and it also became a routine to wish each other a good day in the early morning.

today i stucked due to the tide and high water on my way. and this guy went by, saw me stucking and considering a different way to avoid the water. so he wished a good morning and suggested me to keep going through the waves. obviously not speaking english he pointed to his feet and eyes and told me that way to follow his steps. and so i did. carefully we silently walked behind each other along the beach through the ocean waves. once in a while he stopped to look if i´m okay. until one point, where our ways changed cause he went back and i kept going until my fave meditation place. so we said good bye and did our ways. probably both in a good mood.

why i´m telling this lil´, perhaps boring, story? because i like to share the lil´things in life. cause the „bigger“ thing called life is made out of it. and i also like to share those special vibes in the morning, cause i feel deeply connected with the people who are there for sunrise, welcoming a brandnew wonderful day.

today i even felt more that silent company and i much appreciate those connections. grateful to be part of it. you just have to walk with your eyes and heart wide open. have a nice day ღ

Von tanja ney

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