Hi, Ich bin Tanja!

Ich freue mich, dass du hier bist! Ich schreibe hier über das Leben und teile meine Gedanken und Insights meiner ganz eigenen Reise als Coach, Sportlerin und Reisende, die ihre Heimat verlassen hat. Das ist kein Reiseblog, aber ich lade dich ein, mit mir auf eine ganz persönliche Reise zu gehen. Viel Spaß dabei!

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One life. Today I saw that my next birthday will be exactly in one month. Nothing special but a big yes. It’s the first time in my life I literally feel how young my mum must have feeled when she died just a very little bit older than i am right now.
Having all these dreams and wishes, being active and hoping for the best things yet to come. But sadly this part of the story should have never been told.

Sure, all my life I knew, she left far too early. But now as I am in exactly that season of life, I feel it even more deeply. When l look at my own life as it is right now, dreams I chased and that came true, others i am still aiming for. That feeling to be alive, even when struggling in tough times. To have the privileg to breathe and dream. To be able to make or even to change plans. As there are still so many things to do and discover. So it’s a friendly reminder. And I thank life for that.

You never know what the future brings. So please go out there and play, dream and breathe every fckng moment. Thanks.

Von tanja ney

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